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Contour Drawings, Element Line with Texas Artists Laurie Pace

CONTOUR DRAWING   Element of Art: Line
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Thursday... it is Thursday right?

I decided today to try something different. I have zero idea if I can keep up with it or keep up with you, so let's give it a try.   I have taught workshops for a few years now, but my strength is teaching art.  Not just painting, but teaching art. I have taught art for over 35 years. Just typing this makes me feel old, but I truly have. I have taught in my studio all this time, did about 5 years in private school and probably 6 years in public school in Art.  Having you paint with me daily like other artists do is good, but strengthening your composition skills and sharpening your knowledge in art really gives you a stronger foundation as an artist with your paintings, drawings, sculpting etc.

When I teach a workshop much goes into prep for the class and I stress how important it is to set up an area and be ready to make art. I hope you will go ahead and do that if you do not have an area.  This first lesson is using only two things.. a pencil and a sketch pad. Nothing more or less tool wise, but add to it your eye and learning composition and line and we will jump right in.

There are seven elements in art. Every time I teach a lesson, you need to figure out what elements we are using in that lesson. This first lesson is on something simple, "line".  We are going to do a contour drawing...actually I hope you will do them for a few days.  Find something in the room to draw and pick up your pencil and begin.

BUT... you cannot look at your sketch pad and you cannot lift your pencil. The line is ONE CONTINUOUS LINE.  You start and when you stop or lift your pencil you are done.  No cheating and no looking at your sketch pad or you defeat the purpose of strengthening your eye and 'feeling' your way through a drawing. No erasing, no looking...only one continuous line. Start to stop. You can go soft, hard, or in between but you cannot look or lift your pencil.

This first one was drawing my mug of paint brushes in my studio. I knew it would be both fast and fun.  This is suppose to be fun. 

This was of my easel and quite a bit harder.  Then I spotted those paints and my paper palette. I pulled my chair close and put the pencil to the sketch pad.

This should be quite freeing to you. Sketching fast is totally different than one continuous line.  You hand is moving and NOT looking at anything but the object you are drawing. You are after the CONTOUR of what is there. You are studying LINE.  Good luck with yours and let me know how you are doing. This will be the first time I use the InLinkz Link up.  

So please join me by sharing yours. 

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