Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Print Making for the young and old! Art Lessons from A Texas Artist Laurie Pace


Once your student completes this lesson they will learn some basic things about print making from the experience.  They will develop a good clear print and they will learn that you can print with many different objects. Two different types of printing will be completed.

You need:
Thick String
Wood block
Small paint brush
Tempra Paint
Small pieces of thick cardboard
A Brayer
InkPaper to Print on

Make sure your string is thick string. Thin string could be used later once the student understands the process.

You cut off a length of string that allows you to wrap around the block several times creating some type of design.  My students use a paper plate with glue on it (not a lot of glue, just a little bit) and literally drop the string into the glue and using their fingers begin to wrap the string into designs around their block of wood.

This image I found on a blog While the Sun Shines   The writer had found a similar lesson on another site and gave it a try.  I cannot tell that glue was used as I see tape, but I advise using glue. After the glue dries you use a small brush and paint tempera paint on the thick string and you can press it onto the paper to create a pattern.

After you try this print, then use a piece of cardboard and glue the string down in a rhythmic line design.

This time have the student roll an inked brayer over the string and then press the cardboard down onto the paper.

Doing both procedures gives them the ability to see different ways to do simple printing.

For Younger Students I always resort to veggies and fruits

You can cut potatoes in half and apples and other interesting shaped foods. This is Apple Season... so lets get busy with the little guys.  Maybe Terry and I will do this with Lady L next weekend.

I found this lesson very well done on Make and Takes   She has all the pictures and process there for the younger ones.

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beth schmidt said...

TY for this. I am looking for various ways to make my own stamps and this should work.

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