Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chalk and Buttermilk Art Lesson Paul Klee by A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

CHALK and BUTTERMILK and Paul Klee by A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

As you can tell the inspiration for this lesson would be Paul Klee's work...and I have only named two but there are many.

This first image is "The Red Balloon" painted by Swiss Artist Paul Klee.  His works on paper have a light hearted whimsical look and are radiant in color. His balloon even seems to defy gravite.

While his works seem whimsical, it is rooted in deep thought. When he portrayed a wide-eyed cat sitting back observing a bird in a powerful way, Hitler was in power beginning to ponder out his own prey.

Take time to research some of Paul Klee's work before beginning this lesson.

While contemplating Paul Klee's work, point out to your students how he covers the entire paper he is working on. He uses the full surface.

Vocabulary:  Chalk, Buttermilk, filling space, color choices, shapes
Subjects to consider: Circus, Masks, Balloons, Self Portraits, Parades

Buttermilk           Chalk in all Colors (discards if you have them)    
Manilla Paper or heavy paper that stands up to 'wet' at least 12 x 18 in sizes Newspaper        
Clean up Buckets filled with water   Sponges, Paper Towels  

Optional Paint brushes for those not wanting to get their fingers gooey or wet.

Before beginning have each student discuss what they will create on their composition... a cat, a mask etc.  Then have them think about the colors they want to use. Have them choose most of their chalk (colors) and put them in their work area.  Have newspaper spread across the area for each student.

Place paper on the students newspaper.   Pour a puddle of buttermilk about two inches in diameter in the center of the paper.  Have the student spread the buttermilk out with their hands quickly. It dries fast. You can add more buttermilk if needed.

First the student will use chalk to draw out the main focus of their work...for example a cat, or a balloon or a mask.  Have them begin filling in color mixing and rubbing the chalk into the wet buttermilk surface on the paper.  If the chalk colors do not mix with the buttermilk, that area that dries with out color are dark and dirty.

Make sure the student fills every area of the paper with colors using their chalk.  (The chalk should be washed and rinsed in water once this lesson is complete...or thrown away.) 

Be prepared for a mess to clean up, but the finished works are incredible.  Send me  pictures of what you do....A Texas Artist

Laurie Pace

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